The Duras Sisters 1994


Masquerading as Human by The Duras Sisters

  1. Masquerading As Human
  2. I'm Your Friend
  3. Waltzing the Stars
  4. The Fool's Prayer
  5. Imazadi
  6. Battle Lines
  7. How Can I Keep from Singing
  8. Fossil Fever
  9. Forsaken
  10. The Mama Dax Blues
  11. What She Said
  12. Beacons
  13. Life Cycle Built for Two
  14. Relics
  15. Bella Chow
  16. Twilight Falls on Holodeck 3
  17. Stone Dance
  18. The Clockmaker
  19. The Stars Are Ours.mp3
  20. Star Sisters
  21. Trill Starting Over (live)
  22. Morphing (live)

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