1. Dave Clement--Northwest Passage [Stan Rogers]
  2. Three Weird Sisters--The River Rose [Tanya Savoury]
  3. Joe Haldeman--One Ton Mirror
  4. Valerie Housden--Following The Eagle Going North
  5. Bill & Gretchen Roper--Dinner Party
  6. Three Weird Sisters--Harp Song Of The Dane Women [Kipling & Steve Simmons]
  7. Bill & Brenda Sutton--Harvest Farewell
  8. Lee & Barry Gold--Ivan's Song [Harold Feld]
  9. Erica Neely--Ruins
  10. Three Weird Sisters--My Karma Broke Down [Mike Cross]
  11. Chas Somdahl--Sticky
  12. Leslie Fish--Threes, Rev. 1.1 [Duane Elms, Leslie Fish]
  13. Ellen James--Time To Be Sleeping
  14. Gary McGath--Shrink Wrap Blues
  15. H. Paul Schuch--Dawson's Tenure
  16. Ellen James--Gemini Waltz
  17. Three Weird Sisters--In A Gown Too Blue
  18. Valerie Housden--Leaving Of The Filksing

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