Musical Blades 2010


Modern Day Pirate by Musical Blades

  1. Blow Ye Winds
  2. Intro (Count Off)
  3. Count Off
  4. Blood Red Roses
  5. Cryin' Shame
  6. No Time Like Today
  7. Intro (Blackie the Micro Pirate)
  8. Blackie the Micro Pirate
  9. Lilly McBride
  10. Modern Day Pirate
  11. Galway Press-ganged
  12. Will the Circle be Unbroken
  13. Chinese for Dinner
  14. Whiskey in Pawn
  15. Ballad of Salty Pete
  16. Intro (Briney Foam)
  17. Briney Foam
  18. Fitted For Me Chains
  19. Spanish Ladies
  20. Final Trawl

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