Cynthia McQuillin Edit

(cassette tape)

Moon Shadows J-card (smaller)

Side A

  1. Hunter's Moon
  2. Blood Red Roses
  3. Ruby Wine
  4. Night Heat
  5. Fairest Flame
  6. Arise, My Love
  7. The Tracker

Side B

  1. Gay Vampire Boogie
  2. Sometimes After Dark
  3. Sweet Alice
  4. Shadow
  5. For the Steven Carr
  6. Wolfling
  7. Black Lace and Midnight
  8. Fever Dreams

All songs written and copyright by C. McQuillin


  • Cynthia McQuillin: vocals, guitar, rhythm
  • Jane A. Robinson: vocals, bass, flute, drums & rhythm
  • MAGIC FIRE, a folk group comprising:
    • Kristoph Klover: vocal, lead guitar, mandolin & rhythm
    • Margaret Davis: vocals, flute, & harp
    • Patrick McKenna: bass, guitar, lead guitar, & mandolin
    • Patrick (Bear) Breen: vocal, synthesizer & bass

Producer & Ass't Engineer: Cynthia McQuillin

Engineer: Kristoph Klover

Artwork: Carolly Hauksdottir

(p) 1989 Unlikely Publications, 1741 8th St., Berkeley, Ca 94710

(Special Thanks to Chrys Thorsen and Lynx Crowe for equipment)