Murder, Mystery, and Mayhem 1985 OCP

Wind's Four Quarters (Lackey/Fish) Joey Shoji, Paul MacDonald, Ernie Mansfield Eumenides (Lackey/Fish) Leslie Fish, Joan Gaustad, Catherine Cook, Lori Cole Reject (Lackey/Mar) Kathy Mar, Catherine Cook Jirel of Jorey (Lackey/Fish) Leslie Fish, Catherine Cook Lute Lessons (Lackey/Fish) Joey Shoji Gil-Shallos (Lackey/Fish) Joan Gaustad, Leslie Fish, Catherine Cook Arafel's Song (Lackey/Fish) Kathy Mar, Paul MacDonald, Mary Ellen Wessels, Catherine Cook Morgaine (Lackey/Mitchell) Kristoph Klover, Kevin Roche Medic (Lackey/Fish) Joey Shoji, Paul MacDonald F.A.P. (Lackey/Fish) Leslie Fish, Ernie Mansfield, Catherine Cook Lammas Night (Lackey/Fish) Kathy Mar, Leslie Fish, Kevin Roche, Dominic Bridwell Kerowyn's Ride (Lackey/Fish) Leslie Fish, Julia Ecklar, Catherine Cook Patterns in Amber (Lackey/McQuillin) Cynthia McQuillin, Roy Torley, Ellen Guon, Catherine Cook Elven Harper (Lackey/Mar) Kathy Mar, Dominic Bridwell, Kevin Roche, Kristoph Klover Some Kind of Hero (Lackey/Fish) Joey Shoji, Catherine Cook Dominic Bridwell: Vocals; Lori Cole: Vocal; Catherine Cook: Keyboards, Drums, Vocals; Julia Ecklar: Vocal; Leslie Fish: Vocals, Guitar; Joan Gaustad: Vocals; Ellen Guon: Flute, Saxophone; Kathy Mar: Vocals, Guitar; Cynthia McQuillin: Vocals. Guitar; Kevin Roche: Vocals; Joey Shoji: Vocals; Guitar; Roy Torley: Bandura; Mary Ellen Wessels: Vocals

Sr. Engineer: Jeff Rogers Engineers: Teri Lee, Paul MacDonald Producer: Teri Lee Artwork: Don Simpson

Murder, Mystery & Mayhem 1985 by Off Centaur Publications


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