Danny Birt RavenCon 2011


Od-Ditties by Danny Birt

  1. Introduction by Rob Balder
  2. The Answer My Friends Is Filk
  3. (interim)
  4. The Balrog Sleeps Tonight
  5. (interim)
  6. Christmas Rapping
  7. (interim)
  8. She'll Be Coming Round The Planet
  9. I Love Calculus
  10. (interim)
  11. Great Cthulu
  12. (interim)
  13. When We Come Out Of The Stargate
  14. (interim)
  15. Girlfriends are Dragons
  16. (interim)
  17. We Arr! Pirates
  18. The Online Game
  19. (interim)
  20. Mole
  21. (interim)
  22. The Sounds of Fandom
  23. (interim)
  24. Why Filkers Will Never Get Rich
  25. (interim)
  26. Alternate Alduran
  27. (interim)
  28. The Pi Day Song

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