Only Stars Can Last is the second album by Omicron Ceti III.   The cassette tape was released in 1979 and included songs based on Star Trek, The House of Zeor and general science fiction themes. Members of the group included by Kathy Burns, Martha Bonds Rodney Bonds, and Russ Volker. Its content, along with the content of another casette tape Omicron Ceti III and Friends, was published a year later in the songbook Starsong. 

  • Only Stars Can Last Martha Bonds (lyricist), Kathy Burns (composer) ("This duet by Martha and Kathy has been called a 'song of success', but it was originally written as a protest song when we thought the movie was not going to live up to the ST dream. The lyrics point out that it's the fans who make that dream live.")
  • Changes Martha Bonds (lyricist), Kathy Burns (composer) (Performed by Rodney and Russ, "Changes" was originally printed in the fanzine, THRUST, and was written to express the theme of the zine, the changes that evolve in a relationship.)
  • Future Dream Martha Bonds (lyricist, composer) ("Dedicated to today's space shuttle, named 'Enterprise', the lead on "Future Dream" is performed by Martha").
  • Going Home Martha Bonds (lyricist), Kathy Burns (composer) ("In another duet, Martha and Kathy sing of the doubts and the hopes that going home--to the ST universe--means.")
  • Night Song Martha Bonds (lyricist, composer) ("Inspired by "Nightjourney" by Susan K. James and Carol Frisbie, "Night Song" expresses Spock's dedication to a blinded James Kirk.")
  • Jonah Martha Bonds (lyricist), Kathy Burns (composer) ("Based on "All the King's Horses, All the King's Men" by J. Emily Vance, Kathy's solo shows the plight of a broken Dr. McCoy, what happened to him during the earlier Vance story, "The Rack", and of the friendship he later finds with its sequel's protagonists, Collin Patrick and Brent Stevens.")
  • Once Again Martha Bonds (lyricist), Kathy Burns (composer) ("The voyage to the stars is again a reality, but it wouldn't be the same without everyone. "Once Again" expresses both the miracle.")
  • Star Lady Martha Bonds (lyricist, composer) ("This one is dedicated to the finest starship in the fleet, the U.S.S. Enterprise.")
  • Don't Destroy Martha Bonds (lyricist), Kathy Burns (composer) ("Russ' solo was inspired by a sequence in "Balance of Terror", the conversation between McCoy and Kirk in which the doctor tells the human, "Don't destroy the one named Kirk.")
  • Two Kinds of Man Martha Bonds (lyricist), Kathy Burns (composer) ("Inspired by Jacqueline Lichtenberg's novel, House of Zeor set in her Sime universe), this song expresses the feelings of both Sime and Gen in a world where both kinds of man need each other to survive.")
  • Realms of Gold Martha Bonds (lyricist), Kathy Burns (composer) ("Keats said, "Much I have travelled in the realms of gold..." This song is dedicated to ST fandom, for the joy, the feeling of belonging, it gives to all of us.") 

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