Out fo the nest

Out of the Nest by Bedlam Bards

Bedlam Bards 2009

  1. The Fisherman's Song [Andy M. Stewart]
  2. The Unicorn [Shel Silverstein]
  3. Pancho & Lefty [Townes Van Zandt]
  4. Dark Lady [Ek Ong Kaar Kaur]
  5. 101 Nights [Scott Hendricks]
  6. Duncan [Paul Simon]
  7. Barrett's Privateers [Stan Rogers]
  8. Streets Of London [Ralph McTell]
  9. Where Are You Going Johnny [Rick Morrow]
  10. Lucky Man [Greg Lake]
  11. Lady In Black [Ken Hensley]
  12. Lifeline [Eric Bogle]

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