Kathy Mar 2000

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Plus Ca Change by Kathy Mar

Plus Ca Change

  1. Drink Up the River
  2. Grendel
  3. Saddest
  4. Crystal Singer
  5. I Am Lord
  6. No Heroes
  7. Shai Hulud
  8. Ivory Rose
  9. Velveteen
  10. World Inside The Crystal
  11. Little Green Eyes
  12. Spoon
  13. Ship Of Stone

Plus C'est La Meme Chose

  1. Songbird
  2. Nobody's Moggy Now
  3. Television Lovers
  4. Marching In The Streets
  5. Vapor Angels
  6. Circle Song
  7. Call Him Lord
  8. Mr Right
  9. Between Grass Shores
  10. Sea Cradle
  11. Heartwarming
  12. Ghost
  13. Old Souls

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