Psycho Potpourri by the great Luke Ski

the great Luke Ski 1997

  1. Intro
  2. Humpa Hound
  3. My Name Is Fred
  4. Ranma Soutome
  5. Cruis'n USA
  6. Spam (Let The Pork Be Pork)
  7. KFC Bitch
  8. Funny Man
  9. The Doctor And William
  10. Pamela
  11. Murder Was The Play
  12. Gump - Live, 3-9-96
  13. All I Want To Do Is Shoot Some Gu
  14. Aliens Just Don't Understand
  15. Trekkie Case
  16. Fantastic Voyager
  17. Thank Q
  18. Viva Las Nagus
  19. Gowron Said Knock You Out
  20. Born To Lose
  21. I Kissed A Squirrel
  22. Outro

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