Ride Back In Time 2007

Joe Bethancourt

  1. Buffalo Gals
  2. Ride Back In Time
  3. Ant Rustling In Arizona
  4. Tyin' A Knot In The Devils Tail
  5. Reedy River
  6. Battleship Of Maine
  7. The Preacher And The Bear
  8. More About Ant Rustling
  9. Better Quite Kickin' My Dawg Around
  10. The Cowboy's Dream
  11. Rye Whiskey
  12. Maggie
  13. The Attitudinal Cat Rag
  14. The Gila River Elephants
  15. A Tragic Incident On The Trail
  16. Adelita
  17. A Border Affair
  18. The Minstrel Boy
  19. We'll Meet Again

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