Scratch These Vocals

Scratch [These] Vocals by W. Randy Hoffman

W. Randy Hoffman 2009

  1. Pharmakoia
  2. Scum
  3. Misexpedition
  4. Khaled
  5. Sic Transit Computer
  6. Please Do Something Spiteful
  7. Black Operations
  8. Irreversible
  9. Mirly Human
  10. Before the Candleflower Waltz
  11. Naked Mole Rat
  12. My GaFilk Song
  13. The Caravan
  14. The Imperial Muscle Anthem (You Rebel Scum)
  15. Processors
  16. Laughter
  17. Antarctic
  18. Help Me Out Here
  19. Space Tourist
  20. Perky Goth

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