Cynthia McQuillin1983

Singer in the Shadow by Cynthia McQuillin

  1. Singer in the Shadow
  2. Love Deep as Rivers
  3. Gilda and the Dragon
  4. Bridal Lament
  5. The Singing Sword
  6. Soldier of Fortune
  7. Slay the Dead
  8. Shadow
  9. The Tale of the Knightly Companion
  10. Liza D
  11. Shuttle Lament
  12. Promise of an Alien Sun
  13. Bring Me a Star
  14. Bitter Green
  15. Ryan's Star
  16. Rover's Lament
  17. Mercenary
  18. The Chieri
  19. Narcissus
  20. Flames of Destruction
  21. The Tyrant's Tale
  22. Chains
  23. Camp Follower
  24. DNA Boogie

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