Nancy Freeman 2007

Available for Purchase
  1. Overture
  2. Intro to
  3. Stardust County Line
  4. Rosa Fe
  5. Intro to
  6. The Glass-Spinners
  7. A Mask and a Mirror
  8. Beggar's Quest
  9. Water in the Stone
  10. Act II Prelude
  11. Ragged Queen
  12. Intro to
  13. Keepers and the Kindlers March
  14. Intro to
  15. Well met, though it's chance
  16. Two Worlds
  17. The Glass-Spinners Reprise
  18. Less Than a Hero
  19. Thunder-Grey Horse
  20. Act III Prelude
  21. Envy the Man
  22. You Need a Friend
  23. Intro to
  24. She's anchored close to the canyon wall
  25. Pieces
  26. The Flight of the 10:45 Express
  27. Climb
  28. Denouement
  29. The Whole Distance
  30. The Glass-Spinners Reprise II

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