Adam Goss

  1. Adam's Filk Intro
  2. Alone in LaGrange
  3. Amazons
  4. Babyloniacs
  5. Ballad of the Chicken Gun
  6. Bat and the Crow, The
  7. Carol of the Naxgul
  8. Celtic Country
  9. Claudia the Renaissance Lady
  10. Corps Is Mother, Corps Is Father
  11. Cthulhu-Doo
  12. Dagon Shaggoth
  13. Data's Wish
  14. Don't Let Him Catch You Singing This
  15. If We Only Had Some Brains
  16. Infinite Bottles of Beer
  17. It's a Borg World After all
  18. John Carpenter's Filk
  19. Junior Borg-man
  20. Kartagia Song, The
  21. Kosh Came Back
  22. Loren and the Dragoness
  23. Monty Python's Flying Locutus
  24. Nostromo Song, The
  25. Odo-Boo
  26. Pinky and the Borg
  27. Requiem for Marritza
  28. Save the Apes
  29. A Spock with No Brain

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