Sassafras 2015
Stories Stone

Stories and Stone by Sassafras 2015

  1. Hearthfire (Live from Boskone 2014)
  2. Gift of Life (Live from Boskone 2014)
  3. Here's to Valhalla (Layered Improvisation)
  4. Character Theme- Snorri
  5. Character Theme- Seeress
  6. Character Theme- Odin
  7. Character Theme- Loki
  8. Character Theme- Baldur
  9. Character Theme- Hel
  10. Character Theme- Frigg
  11. Abandoned (Trickster & King)
  12. If I Could Ask You- Baldur & Hel (Duet)
  13. If I Could Ask You- Odin & Loki (Duet)
  14. A New World (Solo)
  15. Longer in Stories than Stone (Live from Boskone 2014)
  16. Somebody Will (Duet)
  17. Somebody Will (Live from Balticon 2013)
  18. Hearthfire (Bonus- Solo with Guitar)

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