Anne Harlan Prather


Storyteller Prather

Moreta! Prather

Teaching Songs of Pern McCaffrey/Prather

  1. Alarm Chorus'
  2. ��Seas Boil…”
  3. ��Wheel and turn…”
  4. Weyrwoman’s Song'
  5. Question song'
  6. Fire Lizard Song'
  7. Brekke’s Lament'

Southern Lands Ecklar

Petiron’s Song McCaffery/Prather

Running Song McCaffrey/Prather

First Fall Prather

Speak Softly McCaffrey/Prather


Hawkmistress Prather

Keeper’s Lament Prather

Crystal, Silver, Blue and Gold Prather

Leavetaking Eve Prather

The Pledge Prather

The Chierl McQuillin

Stormqueen Prather

Cleindori’s Lament Prather

Fires of her Vengeance Prather

Lament of a Dry-Town Bride McQuillin

Midsummer Song Prather

Poetry by Anne McCaffrey

Used by Permission of Author

Vocals: Anne Harlan Prather

Sound Engineer: Scott D. Prather

Producer: Teri V. Lee

1984 by Off Centaur Publications

OCP-?? Either OCP-27 or OCP-33 based on online list.

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