Ta cover 200

Target: Audience by the great Luke Ski

the great Luke Ski 2008

  1. Luke Ski Is A Ramblin' Guy
  2. Jack Bauer
  3. Luke Ski Is The Pope
  4. Wilbur Robinson
  5. Luke Ski Likes Big Boobs
  6. I Want OT Be Steve Buscemi
  7. Public Enemy Sings Tom Lehrer
  8. Everybody Get Weird (an Art Paul Schlosser remix)
  9. Fump-In!
  10. A Middle East Country, A Middle Earth Mountain Troll - by Project Sisyphus, also featuring Carrie Da
  11. The Chainsaw Juggler
  12. OMGWTFBBQ - featuring Rob Balder
  13. Lewis Black Does Shakespeare
  14. The Box
  15. Scud
  16. Holding Out For Hiro - Featuring Carrie Dahlby
  17. Firefly Starring Daffy Duck
  18. No Sleep Til Babylon
  19. Just Mister Londo
  20. Battlestar Rhapsody
  21. Scud Jingle

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