The Programmer and the Elves 

East Coast Filk I

Side A

Mary Ellen Carter

Bill & Brenda Sutton

Stan Rogers

Take a Step

Catherine Mac donald

Aileen Vance

Domino Dragon

Jack Carroll

Jack Carroll

Everybody Needs a Hammer

Marc S. Glasser

Willie Nile

One Woman’s Hand

Sue Knapp

Sue Knapp / Eric Bogle

One Bright Starship

Roberta Rogow

Roberta Rogow / Lambert & Potter


Helva Peters

Jordin Kare

Cosmonaut Who Never Returned

Roberta Rogow

Roberta Rogow & Lunacon Parody Workshop / Henry Clay Work

Side B

The Programmer and the Elves

Michael Rubin

Michael Rubin

Write in C

Helva Peters

Unknown (M. Rubin: last ch) / Lennon & McCartney

We’re Only in it for the Money

Bill & Brenda Sutton

Bill & Brenda Sutton

Gilda and the Dragon

Jack Carroll / Cynthia McQuillin

The Saxon Men Song

Catherine Mac donald

Fiona Messer

Star of the County Down

Duane Elms / Traditional

Chocolate Éclair

Rennie Levine

Rennie Levine . Traditional


Jane Sibley

Jane Sibley / Traditional


Virginia Taylor / Gary McGath

Virginia Taylor / Tom Paxton

Doris and Edwin, the Movie

Mitchell & T.J. Burnside Clapp

Christine Lavin

Copyright © 1993 Wail Songs, Oakland, CA All Rights reserved.

Cover art: Margaret Davis (Copyright © 1993 Margaret Davis) Insert Printing: Phil Press

Sound Engineers: Field: Spenser Love, Paul Taylor. Mixing: Bob Laurent, Jeff Rogers

Song credits (interior) – First line: Performer, last line: writer

Recorded Live in 1992 at Arisia, Boskone, Lunacon

Edited by Lindy Sears

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