Boogie Knights 2013

Wasted Days and Wasted Knights

Wasted Days and Wasted Knights by Boogie Knights

  1. Earth Magic Girls
  2. Hero's Day Off
  3. Crew of the Raven
  4. Face the Inquisition
  5. I Wanna Rule France
  6. Madagascar (The Lemur Song)
  7. Last of Your Line
  8. Outlaw Band of Thieves
  9. Wanted- Harem Guard
  10. Pooka
  11. No Trousers
  12. Oh, What a Knight!
  13. Thank You Scotland
  14. Victor
  15. Screw the Limit
  16. Works Like a Charm
  17. Sailing With Captain Morgan
  18. Ohio Valley Filk Fest

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