Marc Gunn 2008


What Color is Your Dragon? by Marc Gunn

  1. Don't Go Drinking with Hobbits
  2. A Rabbit for Halloween
  3. Samwise Gamgee
  4. The Virgin Diet (How to Have Fun Losing Weight)
  5. How Do You Tell a Woman You're in Love with Her-
  6. Pleasant Peasant Pheasant Plucking Song
  7. She Said Her Name Was Saffron(Firefly)
  8. Monkeys Over Mongolia
  9. Lusty Young Sith (Star Wars)
  10. For the Setting Sun
  11. If I Were a Horse
  12. The Last Chicken in Dublin
  13. Pig's Song
  14. I Saved the Planet Earth (Dr.Who)
  15. The Nazgul Song (Parody- The Unicorn Song)
  16. Gollum Blues
  17. My Father Was a Werewolf

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