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What a Ripoff Volume 1 by the great Luke Ski

The Great Lukeski 2008

  1. Dementia Revolution Internet show opening theme song 2008
  2. WAR!V1 Narration Track 1
  3. You Might Be A Trekkie (Live at MarsCon 2006)
  4. Man From Dunder
  5. I Love You, TiVo (A Capella mix)
  6. Quark's New Merchandising Enterprise (Live at CONvergence 2007)
  7. WAR!V1 Narration Track 2
  8. Theme From The Dork of the Rings
  9. Love Theme From Mystery Spatula Theatre 11
  10. WAR!V1 Narration Track 3
  11. Where In The World Is Osama Bin Laden-
  12. Preconceptions News Entertainment Report
  13. WAR!V1 Narration Track 4
  14. Stone Cold Steve Austin Powers International Man Of Mystery
  15. The Give Lindsay Lohan A Sammich Foundation
  16. WAR!V1 Narration Track 5
  17. Earn Hollywood Earn
  18. Fight Club- The Musical
  19. Your Bird Smells
  20. Spider-Crotch
  21. Spider-Crotch- The Prequel
  22. Unexplained Outtakes
  23. Explained Outtakes
  24. Bonus track

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