What a Ripoff! Volume 2 by the great Luke Sky

the great Luke Ski 2010

  1. Hi, I'm Luke Ski
  2. Jack-A-Bye
  3. Fandom Dazzle
  4. Brett Favre, Will You Stay Or Will You Go
  5. I Want My Mischke Back
  6. My Favorite Part (demo)
  7. You Might Be A Trekkie (live at Hypericon 2009)
  8. Map Light
  9. BACON! (John Tesh As A Mofo Version)
  10. Bacon 2 Electric Boogaloo
  11. Why I Left Las Vegas A Day Early
  12. Explained Outtakes Part Two
  13. True Tales Of Ignorance From The Caricature Stand
  14. A Visit from the great Luke Ski

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