Whiskers in the Jar 2008
AlbumArt -CF89430F-EAC4-4BB7-92C8-25BC2A0CD21E- Large

Marc Gunn

  1. What Shall We Do with a Catnipped Kitty
  2. Molly Malone, The Cat's Perspective-Planxty Hewlett
  3. Kitty at the Door
  4. Danny Boy
  5. To Catch a Cat
  6. Big Strong Cat (My Puddyd Cat, Sylvester)
  7. Cuddles McGish
  8. When the Dairy Farm Caught Fire
  9. Kitty's Rambles-David's 9 Lives-Jenny's Chickens
  10. The Old Woman and Her Cat (Dundee Cat)
  11. Kitty Martin
  12. Harry Potter and the Rising of the Moon
  13. Orange Kitten's Mew
  14. Whiskers in the Jar

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