Pat BrownEdit

(cassette tape)

Windsinger J-card (smaller)

Side A

  1. Song of the Women (Janet Waite/Zander Nyrond, Arrangement: Valerie Housden)
  2. Filking Fan's Walkman Blues (Pat Brown/Jane Robinson)
  3. A Short Treatise on the History of Filk (Valerie Housden & Anne Rundle/Hassler arr. Bach, Brown & Simon)
  4. Silver Dagger (Pat Brown)
  5. Song for Amanda (Zander Nyrond)
  6. Sword Dancer (Pat Brown)
  7. No Problem (Pat Brown/Joseph Haydn}
  8. New Silkie (Chris Bell/Trad.)

Side B

  1. Windsinger (Pat Brown)
  2. Engineers' Revenge(Pat Brown/Trad.)
  3. Full Moonlight Dance (Karen Beth)
  4. Fal Morgan (Pat Brown & Gordon Dickson/Pat Brown)
  5. Boy in a Room (Chris Malme)
  6. Spiral(Rhodri James & Mike Whitaker, Arrangement: Neil Chambers)
  7. Sam's Song (Zander Nyrond)

Cover design and lettering: Pat Brown

Cover art: Sue Mason

Typesetting: Harry Payne

Engineering and Technical Magic: Rampant Engineering

Executive Producer: Gytha North


  • Pat Brown: all vocals
  • Neil Chambers: keyboards and bass guitar
  • Chris Malme: guitar
  • Anne Rundle: penny whistles and keyboards
  • "Flash" Gordon Stalker: lead and rhythm guitar
  • Mike Whitaker: 6- and 12-string guitars, keyboards

Lyrics and Music (c) as listed except "Full Moon Dance" (c) Karen Beth, Catkin Music and all Zander Nyrond material (c) VLB Recording.

Note: Pat Brown is usually to be found working behind the sound desk in her role as one of "Rampant Engineering", but can occasionally be persuaded to come to the live side of a microphone with interesting results. She claims that mall whisky is usually sufficient persuasion.

For Gytha and Richard the Rampant who made this possible, and for Andy Morris who administered malt whisky and orange tea at appropriate moments.

This recording (c) and (p) VLB Recording, 18 Glynde Road, Brighton, E. Sussex BN2 2YJ, U.K. Unauthorised public performance, broadcasting or copying prohibited.

Produced under licence in the U.S.A. by Wail Songs, P.O. Box 29888, Oakland, CA 96604.